Church of the Good Shepherd

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Episcopal Church

Our Mission

is to live in unity and fellowship

with God and each other. 

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Come worship with us on Sunday at 10 am

Our Vision

for the way we believe we are called
to live out that mission includes:

Celebrating the mystery of Christ

- with a spirit of abundance and gratitude
- welcoming and honoring all who show up
- reaching beyond ourselves to serve

Past Ministries:
The Parish House was used as a hospital during the deadly 1918 flu epidemic.  In 1980, a soup kitchen was opened in the Parish House.  For 21 years this mission, with the addition of employment, laundry and health facilities for the homeless, served 875,000 meals before it evolved in 2001 into the present independent Good Shepherd Center, which has continued this outstanding outreach to the poor, hungry and homeless in Wilmington.

Current Ministries:
The annual Blessing of the Animals continues having begun here in 1960s and thought to be the first in the city.  Recently, we have been working to better the lives of migrant farm workers to our west. In our own neighborhood, we provide weekly Bible study at the Rescue Mission of Cape Fear on 5th and Castle Street.

Looking forward:
At the corner of 6th & Queen, Church of the Good Shepherd will continue its mission to serve God in this community with grateful, gracious, generous hearts.

Weekly Services

‚ÄčSunday Services at 10am
Adult Sunday School: 9AM

Christian Education for Children During the Service

Wednesday Evening Pot Luck at 6:30
followed by a brief evening prayer service